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    Leaders in Exhibitions and Congresses in Galicia

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    International Fairs, Trade Fairs. . Congresses and Management Events.

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Exhibitions and Seminars

Professional organisers of exhibitions, seminars, marketing and business communication.

MUÉSTRALO is an open business initiative, created in Vigo in 2004 with the aim of promoting the strategic sectors and industries in Galician economy. This is how we created NAVALIA, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition, which is held every two years in Vigo and it has become the leading event of that sector in Spain and one of the most important in the world.

MUÉSTRALO aims to boost the leading sectors in Galicia through exhibitions, seminars, symposia as well as through marketing and communication, especially focused in the business and industrial sector.


Therefore, we offer you a wide range of services for your event, ranging from a comprehensive organization of your trade show or seminar, to the stand design or an individualized technical secretary. We also provide you with a communication services department or comprehensive marketing.

  • Gestion Hotelera

    The experience has taught us through that we live in the age of the immediateness and that must be organized to be able to give answers, of an effective way, to this reality.
  • Catering

    We offer you specific proposals of catering for companies. Breakfasts, coffee break, a food or a dinner of work, a cocktail or a big event with a special menu, leave us help you so that all goes out perfectly.
  • Hostess of Fairs and Congresses

    Elegance and professionalism are what defines the hostess of fairs and congresses. Open professionals, with initiative and talent of personal communication. Its function is that of distributing information and publicity on the product to the client in its stand and delivering the cards of visit to the different commercials.
  • Fair Marketing

    The professional fairs suppose another important tool for the diffusion of the image and products or services of the companies, since in addition to showing the identity and activity of the companies, they encourage the commercial activity and the networking.
  • Ephemeral Architecture

    The projects of ephemeral architecture include, for example, the stands design, showrooms, sets and similar others for events of company, exhibitions, fairs or celebrations of the short temporary trip.
  • Roadshows

    Special actions based on vehicles decorated, adapted for the most varied services in the catchment of attention of the publics and reinforce the corporate image of your company
  • Showcooking

    We offer you the possibility of collaboration with companies and contacts withstood out chefs for the realization of showcookings, or classes of cuisine demonstratives in fairs and markets.
  • Communication Office

    We provide your company or event, with a communication department involved by experts in media, social networking, marketing and graphic design. We manage your image in all media and take care of what your company wants to communicate internally or externally.

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Calle Príncipe 24 4ª
Vigo [Pontevedra]
Tel: +34 986 220 138
Fax: +34 986 229 160
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